First chapter of The Paranoid Method book (Red)

– DOOM and the new world
– What are digital technologies in business?
– The “Cargo Van Problem” and terminology
– What is a successful product?
– Techniques for finding technological solutions for business (Reference point, Mobile applications, Voice interfaces, Industry concepts)
– The dilemma of businesses and IT professionals

DOOM and the new world

What is the difference in the perception of digital technologies by specialists and businesses? Two sides of product success and how important both of them are in the modern world.

We are those who professionally develop digital systems and see the…

The Book about Creating Digital Products, The Universe and Everything

Dear reader!

The book was intended to be the method research which I and colleagues use in project practice and which helped us solve traditional problems of this field, connected with quality, timeframes and, most importantly, with the understanding of real goals of digital product creation projects. I wanted to find out what the heart of our “producer’s approach” really is and where the border between my personal work style and common principles to be used by businesses and professionals lies.

The approach described in the book at a certain…

Well, let’s try to keep it under 30 seconds.

For the last 25 years I have been creating digital products in different roles. First as a developer, then as an entrepreneur, now as a producer and product designer. A year ago I decided that I needed to write a book that would describe my approach to how to get the product that business really needs. So now I am also a writer.

Seems like we did it!

Vadim Mityakin

Producer and designer of digital products. Founder and managing partner in the Digital Artel “Eleven”. Author of the book “The Paranoid Method”.

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